Friday, June 4, 2010

Trevor the King Charles Cavalier Goes to Jarvis House Camp for the Weekend

This is Trevor, the King Charles Cavalier that belongs to my youngest brother, Peter, and my sister-in-law Tricia.
When my brother needs a dog sitter, I usually move right in and stay at his house.  This time I decided that Trevor could try and spend four days at the Jarvis House, which is in the background as he walks across the street in the Village Green Park.
That meant that I had to load his "stuff" into my truck and bring everything that might make him feel at home away from home. 
Thankfully, he came with instructions, and the phone number of his vet, and treats..
We brought over his bed and blankie,
his water dish and food bowl with matching place mat, 
his sweet snuggly dog bed which he likes to rest in while we work on the computer,  his toys, and a baby gate.
He wears a stretchy leash, which I kept  him on since he didn't know the area.  Here he is getting to know the yard and driveway.
He started out slowly, checking out the Jarvis garden.
He charms a lovely neighbor, 
visits the YMCA playground, 
where they were putting up carnival rides.
He checked out Town Hall,
strolled by the Senior Center,
wanted to know what was playing at the Cinema Arts Centre,
went to the Arsenal,
visited the Gas Station murals,
saw an antique car at the Gardiner Farm in Greenlawn,
and came back for a needed a rest in the kitchen.
Trevor loved laying outside on the cool stone patio.
 We warmed up his dinner,
What a wonderful dog!  He slept and and ate and you-know-what out in the rough area out back, and never complained, barked out of turn, or whined.
When you  know how much your brother loves his pet,
you do everything to make them both happy.  A great dog, and a loving brother.
We both passed the test, so I guess that he will come back again for an overnight visit.   By the way, whoever said that dogs "just sleep a lot of the day" didn't know Trevor.


Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Aww, what a little doll! How adorable he is :) And you took him to the Arsenal! Tomorrow, there is an event for the militia at Old Bethpage Village; I may attend (my mom definitely is), but it might be postponed due to the rain. If so, it'll go on next week, but alas, I'll be in Cape Cod by then. C'est la vie!

Elizabeth said...

Good to know you are a satisfactory --even wonderful dog-sitter!
He looks very cute!

Sinclair said...

What a sweet looking dog! Wonderful that you get to dog-sit and have him at Jarvis House at the same time. Hope you have a great time.

JC said...

Looks like the two of you had a grand time together.