Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day Liles at the Jarvis House Keep Blooming

Got this beauty at the Long Island Day Lily Society sale two years ago. Click there to see this year's sale date.   It looks like ice cream with lovely ruffled lemon parfait edges.
Deep stunning colors.
Another from  LIDS.  Looks like lemon sorbet.
This is another old species day lily that grows really tall  and has a graceful bend to its stems.
Clumps of these lilies are in total shade and full sun.  They are wonderful.
A new pink for me from the  Society's plant sale.
So many variations.
This one has a pale edge.

A "spider" variety from the sale.  It is quite dramatic and large.
Peachy color, on a smaller flower.
'Been in the garden for years.
This day lily was purchased from a catalog many years ago, before truly different named varieties were commonly available.  I used to think that it was just a faded "no name" variety,  but it has started to look better to me lately.  It also grows very tall, and well.  
With so many sizes, colors and heights, many different day lilies make an interesting collection.  There are actually more in this garden that haven't even bloomed yet.  I find it a bit therapeutic to go out every morning and  "dead head"  the plants too.



A really fascinating collection!

Sinclair said...

Day Lilies are my favorite flower, I think. I have orange here at Deer Palace, and you have inspired me to branch out with more. Those are stunning!

JC said...

Gorgeous !!!!

I got two new ones this year but no blooms so far.