Sunday, August 19, 2012

The National D-Day Memorial Bedford, Virginia, USA

These are photographs from the D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia, USA.  Their mission stated is "to preserve the lessons and legacy of D-Day." (Video on their site.)

 Ticket office

 Memorial grounds map and inspirational painting.

 The view of a walkway of generals with the Eisenhower memorial in the back.

 Bronze of Omar Bradley.
Eisenhower's sculpture
 View from the Eisenhower memorial
 Plaque to General Patton

 Eisenhower sculpture
 Ceiling of Eisenhower memorial with D-Day invasion map.

 View of interpretation of landing craft on Omaha Beach, with sculptures of fallen and fighting soldiers.
 Interpretation of landing craft, the  "Higgins Boat"  in stone.

 Interpretation of beach with mines and barriers.
 Sculpture of fallen soldier.

 Interpretation of soldiers Scaling the Atlantic Wall.

 Sculptures  "allude to actions and events associated with the amphibious landing."
 "In the water, which is represented at early flood tide, two hedgehogs typify the range of obstacles the Germans set in the tidal flats to scuttle landing craft."

 "A triumphal arch indebted to the Art Deco style that dominated European architecture between  the World Wars rises forty-four-and-a-half feet....The word OVERLORD inscribed on its entablature is the  name of the operation that commenced on D-Day."

 Final Tribute, the sculpture emplaced a few paces to the north of the seal is a sober tribute to the more than 4,400 members of the ?Allied Expeditionary Force who were killed on D-Day.  Emblematic of death  in battle, the inverted rifle and helmet powerfully  address the ultimate sacrifice of the fallen."
 "Le Monument aux Morts, created by sculptor Edmond de Laheudrie (1861-1946).
 Monument tribute to those who received the Purple Heart for their service on D-Day.
 I was interested in visiting this memorial because my father, Carmelo Guglielmino was a soldier on the USS Susan B. Anthony on D- Day+1,
 101st. 907th Airborne Division, Glider Field Artillery Division .
  According to an account in the book, Kilogram,  Bob Minick, 1979
page 61, "the initial mission assigned to this battalion was to land on D+1 on Utah Beach, assemble in an area approximately one mile south thereof, and be prepared to move from this assembly area to a position in support of the division or one of its infantry regiments.  Shortly after dawn of D-Day+1, June 7th , the USS Susan B. Anthony hit a floating mine approximately sixteen miles off the coast of France, in a corridor which had been previously swept for mines.  My dad said that he was on the rail of the ship watching the invasion activities from topside.  Some how he, being a very strong swimmer, survived.  I believe that he helped another soldier in the water and was awarded the Bronze Star for this act during D-Day.  The rescue of the 2,689 soldiers  on the USS Susan B. Anthony is listed as one of the largest rescue of people without loss of life.
All in all, a trip to the D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia, is an inspiring experience especially for any of the family of the brave soldiers who were there, and for anyone interested in WWII history.

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(800) 351-3329
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