Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pickle Festival 2014 Greenlawn-Centerport Historical Association

The weather this year was wonderful!  Everyone came out for the 35th annual Greenlawn-Centerport Historical Association Pickle Festival.  These two are enjoying the society's hand held "pickles on a stick."
Volunteers set up for the day's activities.
The families come in at 10:00

The Gardiner Barn
 Pickle person
 This is the society's pickle tent with Kosher dill pickles, but we have other things besides pickles.....
 Greenlawn American Legion Post 1244 comes each year
Mike H.,  a representative from Newsday
 Vivint solar company, with Daniel Glicker
 50 different kinds of  Ravioli from Bambino's Fresh Pasta of Deer Park
Horman's pickles from Glen Cove
 Master Nick runs the  free hayride
antique cars and trucks
The volunteers from the association lovingly restored the iconic Lollipop train
 Engineer Pete drives the train
 to the delight of all the children.
 There is a  free corn maze
Deanne Rathke, the director of the association, and the Pickle lady
 Monty Bread with Joe Finger
 Divine Brine of Huntington Station
 Gentle Brew
The Big Cheese
 Ridgewood Pork Store with their smoked meats
 Nina's Batch, granolas
 Wicked Teaspoon, Hope displays dips and dipping oils
A lovely mom and her son enjoying a pickle on a stick.
 Hartman's hot dogs served up by Don Pope who comes all the way back from Florida each year to help out.
 The kids love them

 Each year farmer Tony Guarnaschelli uses the 100 year old Long Island potato digging machine to pop out the potatoes.
 He plants rows so that children can see why Long Island was so famous for our potatoes.
 Kids line up and make a mad dash for the potatoes!

 They fill up paper bags and just get very excited about their potato trophies.  Parents love this activity, because they can get pumpkins anywhere, but freshly dug  potatoes, they can bring them home and cook them that night!

 This mom said that this was her baby's first pickle, and as you can see he loved it.
The music was provided all day by Phillip Jordan's band, Leap of Faith.  Members included Christine Jordan, Tommy Spiro, Joe Bowser, Kirsten Maxwell,  and Mike Sharp.   Over 5,000 people attended this event and all had a very happy family day outing.  Don't miss next year's festival.