Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Visit to Montauk, Long Island

At the very eastern end of Long Island stands the Montauk Lighthouse.
 The village of Montauk is a wonderful place to stay for a very close up look at the surf and the sand.
 Hotel rooms open up to the deck,
and beyond the beach.
 The code here is relaxed, and there are many eateries with tables outside.

This is the  historic Shagwong restaurant.
 Montauk makes no excuses about being a straight forward fishing village.
 Live music at this place
Surfers were everywhere.
 Whites where you can get the essentials for summer.

Here the roadside plantings reflect the surf side environment.  Hollywood Junipers 
 and Rosa Rugosa plantings are surviving nicely.
 The lighthouse on the hill
 Fishing boats out for the day
The sign that tells the story of George Washington's  commission for the construction of the lighthouse in 1793.
 After climbing up to the top, the view.
 The modern light
 From above
 This is how the staff gets injured people down from the lighthouse.
 Window wells and a historic marker

 The different historic Fresnel lights

 and other nautical artifacts inside the  lighthouse museum.

 The sculpture commemorating sailors lost at sea.
 The modern fog horn, which must be incredibly loud!
Montauk, a fishing harbor

 Gosman's dock
 The Montauk railroad art Gallery,
 with the guide whose paintings were
also part of the exhibit.
 Montauk is literally the end of the railroad line.
A really lovely tug style boat

 Montauk Manor, where you can stay.

The Council Rock with its Native American lore.
But when you really get down to it, its really about the dunes.  Montauk, Long Island, a true treasure of Nature.   Visit it soon.