Sunday, June 5, 2016

Jarvis House Gets a New Survey 2016

 This is my surveyor, Paul Ruzenski.  He possesses the paper surveys of my house going back a  hundred years, plus.  The original map of the Jarvis House property, which I got in 1975, was drafted by  Edward Pizanelli.  When you go to the Town's hall of records, the town clerk, they give you a list of surveyors that came before and later having to do with your property.  Amazing!
 I have always protected a locust post the is on the north west corner of my property.  When workers digging up the side walk for new gas lines or water lines or telephone lines are about I try to steer then around the locust post.  There was a county sign placed near by as pictured above, but the locust post remains.
 I thought that he could start there, and after digging a bit down into the soil, sure enough there was a cement monument (marker)  with a flash of orange paint.  He thought that that one was created when the flag lot next to my house was being created for a new house.  All along that side of the property were other cement markers, underground, which Paul found that corresponded to that construction.  The Jarvis property goes back a bit farther than the flag lot, so Paul used the 1975 map and measurements to complete that side and mark the north east corner of my lot. 
 There were so many high tech instruments that Paul brought to the job.
He found other cement markers along the north lot line.
 Although this marker was on the other side of the flag lot driveway, I took a photo of it because the marker was a sort of nail.
 Cement markers

A pipe which corresponded to the original map.

Paul made marks or reference for his calculations in the street and around the neighborhood.  He obtained property maps from adjoining properties to check for accuracy.

 This was a reflective device.

 After he found the monuments he hammered in a piece of lathe with an orange plastic ribbon.
 On the extreme north east corner I had put a metal pipe for a wire fence, but I was a bit shy of the actual corner.
 There is an extremely huge tree on the south east corner of the lot.
Paul hammered in markers on either side of the tree.  Old trees a common exactly on the lot lines.

 While I was waiting for my new property map, showing all of the essential buildings and features, I went to the big Orange Home store for some paint and PVC pipes.

I found a spray paint that would adhere to the plastic pipes and be visible for the markers.  I spread a piece of plastic to protect my bricks.
 But how to dry the pipes?  I stuck them in between the slats on my antique Salterini bench!
 They needed to dry at least one hour.
This is the mark out paint.
Now I have to use my rubber hammer to drive them in near the lathe markers.  Whew!