Sunday, June 27, 2010

Today's Day Lilies at the Jarvis House Garden

Each day new varieties of Day Lilies bloom in the Jarvis House garden.
This is the Day Lily that has the brightest yellow, almost glows in the dark.
A very deep red with a green throat.
The early blooming Yellow species lily which is very tall.
The old fashioned Double.
A very full Orange.
A very tall and large deep red, but has a strange coloration.
A true red with a very bright yellow center.
A beautiful large ruffled yellow.
Soft Pink with a green center.
This is a very deep Red that I purchased years ago.
Its petals curve backwards, and this plant multiplies rapidly.  It also does really well in deep shade.
Very Pink.
Orange with an Orange eye.
Pale Orange.
Rosy Peach with a pale pink eye.
Apple Peach.
Short Peach with a Red eye.
Peach with a Green cast.
Two shades of Stella D'oros.
Tiny new Yellow.
Tiny Yellow with an Orange eye.
Road Side Lilies,
which are everywhere in the Jarvis Garden, and can't be beat for height and graceful stems.  The look especially well behind the Hosta boarders. More Day Lilies to come.   Make sure to visit the Day Lily Society of Long Island for information and events.   They can provide more scientific details which I try to avoid.  With so many plants at the Jarvis Garden, I leave the true names of varieties to the experts.  I just plant them.  Quite a few of these blooms came from their plant sale two years ago. The soil is suited to growing Day Lilies and they do well here.


Bernie said...

So many lovely daylilies ... but the peachies and the oranges really caught my eye! Beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

I'm a sucker for the ones with a sort of green tinge to them.
But every time I try to pick a favorite I can't decide which I want most......
sheer greed and delight!

Such a super day yesterday.....
Kevin was a star


A very beautiful series about Day Lilies and not an orange one among them! Perhaps one day I will try to visit in August when I will be staying in Farmingdale for a few days. As I recall, August is the most difficult month for growing anything that flowers?

Anonymous said...

The flowers are gorgeous! Your photgraphy is superb, too. said...

Lori, all your lilies are lovely... guess what... the plant you gave me is now in full bloom... absolutely, over the top... with much love,carole

JC said...

Those are gorgeous !! I love Lilies .. I had a few but my woods kind of took them over that and the deer. I named my cat, Lilly Ann, due to her Siamese stripes and she was pretty like my flowers used to be.