Sunday, June 28, 2009

Homage to the Noble Roadside Day Lily

Right now on Long Island, the beautiful but very common roadside Day Lily, Hemerocallis fulva "Europa", is at its peak. The Day Lily was introduced by settlers from Europe. Due to its hardiness and naturalizing ability they quickly spread throughout the Northeast. With their long bending stems and their deep orange color, Day Lilies are making the drive along roadways more pleasant,softening the sight of every road marker,their long blade like leaves draped over stone embankments,wooden railroad ties,concrete retaining walls, and making every curve in the road beautiful.They are tall, multiply easily into clumps, forgiving of most soil conditions, able to grow in the shade,
or full sunlight, and are often used for erosion control.They are the companions to the Hosta boarders at the Jarvis House.

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