Thursday, June 18, 2009

Using whites in the Jarvis House Garden

When I first moved into the Jarvis House over 35 years ago, my neighbor, Vivian Wartel, pointed out that one must use white in the garden. Some whites are very showy like this Viburnum,
while others like the blossoms of the Bloodroot wildflower are almost modest in their display, tucked here amongst the Packysandra. The white of the Kousa Dogwood, contrasts well with the purple common Rhododendron. At the nursery, you might forget to include a stunning white azalea when tempted by all of the other colors.A row of Spirea shrubs makes a graceful sheltering boarder.Or you can go with a Mock Orange. This one's a transplant from my Mom's garden.The delicate and diminutive Lily of the Valley, finds a place under the Boxwood.This vignette happened by accident. The ribbon grass was intended, but the very white flowering weed seeded itself.A Mountain Laurel blooms on the side driveway garden.The blooms of the Star of Bethlehem came with the lawn out back.A Pyrocanthia leaning against a large tree stump will eventually produce orange berries in the Fall.A variety of Bleeding Heart comes in white and is easily separated to make many plants over the years.Variegated Euonymus grows on the rock wall near the big barn.A staple are the many varieties of Hosta that have strokes of white, at their centers, and on their edges. There are countless other white flowering plants and trees that may be used. These are just some that have been showing for the past few weeks.


Sue Allalemdjian said...

Hi Lori.
I love white! One of my favorite colors. I have used it in my gardens, too. Your pictures are great. I forgot how many variations of plants that are so beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

Excellent post.
You should visit the white garden at Sissinghurst in Kent.