Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Origami Valentine

Here are some directions for an Origami Valentine. Origami is the art of Japanese paper folding. I used some wrapping paper which I had around the house. It is just the right thickness for this craft and everyone has bits of it that they can cut into a perfect square.If you are lucky enough to have a paper cutter, roll the wrapping paper if it is curly, in the opposite direction to flatten it. Then cut a piece about 9 inches x 9 inches square. If not then try to measure the paper as accurately as possible, or if available go to the craft store and purchase a package of Origami paper. Fold the paper with the white side out in half very precisely, matching the corners exactly. I am using the scissors to hold the paper down so that the photographs are clear to you. The real key to making a successful Origami fold is to be scrupulously precise. Use your finger tips to crease each fold, or use a tongue depressor for really fine edges. Matching corners is very important.Next, open the folded paper and with the white side up, and fold the top corners into the center fold line, so that they match perfectly.Flip the folded paper over andfold both sides into the center. Firmly crease down the sides with your finger tips.Fold the paper in half so that it looks like this. Then fold the whole thing in half againso it looks like this.Carefully snip the top corners, but be sure to leave a small area uncut on the top fold. This will be the "hinge."Open up the Valentine and you may write a poem or ditty on the inside of this card.Here's hoping that the directions were clear. Try it with children. The hardest part is getting the wrapping paper to stay flat when cutting the 9 inch square. The paperwhites are still going strong!


Elizabeth said...

Cool project!

willow said...

What a pretty valentine!