Friday, February 27, 2009

Bone Tear an interview with author Harry Hauca

The following is an interview with author Harry Hauca about his new book, Bone Tear.L. When did you decide that you wanted to become an author?

H. I was writing some short articles for a professional journal, Nursing spectrum, (I am an RN) and they paid pretty well. I was enjoying myself and thought that I could do this. Then the work got around and I ghosted Guide for Interns (Blackwell Science) which was really difficult due to the fact that the physician was foreign born and there were many problems to overcome. So, with this in mind, I thought that I could write a novel.L. In your opinion, what makes a great story?

H. To be great, s story mush first be written well and the characters must be real (meaning flawed) they must overcome the situations that they are placed in as well as deal with their own limitations. Never "dumb down" the reader, get the reader emotionally involved either for or against the characters. Research was more difficult than I had thought that it would be. I did a lot of medieval research, the Roman occupation, battle strategies, church history, as well as herbal lore. H. Then I just made it as I imagined it would be back then, very Hobbesian.....solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. The more I read and studied, the more I wondered how we as a species can be so barbaric and cruel, and yet have such lofty and noble accomplishments. It also seems as though we are always destined for conflict of one sort or another.H. ..too, there was work on sexual mores, women's rights, more than you might imagine. An interesting aside, they rode horses to the wars, but did not battle with them, stirrups were not introduced until 1000 A.D.L. How did it feel when you finished the last sentence of your book?

H. Interesting question, how did I feel when it was done....relief. No elation...I knew I was tired but needed a rest before i could even begin to think of the sequel.L. Do you have any other books in mind?

H. I am currently working on a sequel to BT which will have a great deal of surprises, not all pleasant. I've written about a dozen or so articles for Nursing Spectrum, a professional journal and it was my editor who encouraged me to write.L. Was it difficult to get a publisher?

H. BT is being published by PublishAmerica. I sought agents time and time again....always revising my query letters, trying to gain some interest and faith in the work. I had some nibbles, but never a bite. BT is not a spoon-fed kind of story, and it does not fit into any easy formula. I expect something of my readers, and involvement with the characters who have all the warts and blemishes of real people.L. Is your book available yet? where cn people go to learn more information about Bone Tear?

H. I have a fledgling website, but am adding to it each week wit more as the official release date comes closer.

Bone Tear is currently available at


Sinclair said...

Wonderful! I went to the author site as well. I will certainly have to give this book a try, and too bad I am on the West Coast, so I cannot come to the signing.

Harry Hauca said...

I hope you bought and enjoyed Bone Tear....I am now in he process of getting a new book published--ABIGAIL'S BLOOD PASSION if you like an adult vampire novel.