Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Getting a Jump on Spring Forcing Flowering Shrub Cuttings

Now is the time to go outside and clip branches from flowering shrubs in the garden, even though they look like they are sleeping. I went outside and brought in branches from the Forsythia,Japonica, Japanese QuinceStar Magnolia,and the Baby's Breath shrubs.Other plants that force well include: Crab Apple, Spirea, Ornamental Cherry and Pear branches.Find large clear glass containers at thrift shops or tag sales. The water in larger containers should be enough to keep the branches stable, but if the size of the container is small, clear or colored marbles or beach stones can be used to weight down the vase. Add a few drops of chlorine bleach, or plant freshener to the wanter, after cutting the branches to size. Arrange the branches so that they are balanced, and the container will not tip over.Japonica
After about a week, the sleeping buds will begin to show some green growth.
Baby's BreathForsythia
It is a matter of style, but the graceful, loose branches of flowering shrubs should not be chopped so short, that the arrangement looks other than how they might naturally grows out in the garden. Star Magnolia bud starting to open.


Linda Quinn said...

I wish I could have some spring buds to force down here in Florida. Something I miss. Linda

Elizabeth said...

Nothing like a breath of spring blossom to brighten the day!