Monday, February 23, 2009

Catch Up Round

The Star Magnolia finally bloomed,the Bridal Veil, or Baby's Breath flowers turned out like this,the Forsythia did a yellow thing,and the Japonica was the last, but the best to come out after forcing the branches indoors. Will this very cold winter ever end?Rick Caran is almost finished with his new book about Jilli and her adventures with a neighbor boy. This is a sweet story describing how a little dog can make the difference in the boy's life, and in the life of an elderly neighbor. This is a vintage teapot that has a music box which plays "Tea for Two." The music box is incorporated into the design of this teapot so that you can make tea inside the pot without harming the music box.The bottom of the teapot has a wooden circle with the turn key and the starter.You can see how the music box is inside of the bump, and protected from the liquid tea.What are all of these mini teacups and saucers for?A historical association will be having a tea party for children with their dolls in April. Masses of doll sized, and child sized teacups, saucers, and accessories found at tag sales or thrift shops, are being collected for this event.If you keep on collecting odd pieces, eventually some of them will match up.


willow said...

I should bring some branches in for forcing! Thanks for the inspiration. :^)

willow said...

Wow! Easy to leave a comment, now! Thanks for fixing whatever it was. :^)

Linda Quinn said...

I love seeing the "almost spring" blooms. Keep posting!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Lori
See you are now getting feedback!
Bangers and mash are sausages and mashed potatos!!