Friday, February 3, 2012

Nick the Boxer, N.Y. Giants Fan, Plays Football

This is Nick the boxer, my son's three year old rescue dog.
 Sometimes I am called upon to let him out during the lunch hour, while my son is at work.
 For months we have been playing football with a Giants ball.

 This is a really wonderful boxer who was left at a Pennsylvania shelter.  My son always wanted a dog, especially a boxer, and he e-mailed Adopt a Boxer Rescue.
 Nick is a really healthy and strong animal, and loves to run around protecting the ball.
 Nick is fierce football competitor, but a really gentle dog.
He loves to keep the ball away from me.  Our family got lucky when my son adopted this fabulous dog.  
Who could not love this face and spirit! 

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

He obviously backs the right team!
What fun yesterday.