Sunday, January 22, 2012

First Snow of the Year 2012

Yesterday we had the first snowfall here in Western Suffolk County, Long Island, NY.  Compared to last year this was just a small amount of snow, 3-4 inches.
The new back steps before I swept the snow away.
The beautiful twisting branches of my split leaf maple.
One of the large box wood shrubs.  If there had been more snow I would have bopped it with the corn broom to relieve the weight on the branches.
The road looking north.
I keep the stalks on the Miscanthus until Spring so that I can see this.
Old cast and wrought iron chairs.
The back back before footprints.
Terra Cotta flower pots on the potting benches.
This image of the front yard shows the missing large trees on the lot line.
The old sun dial.
Potted Marigolds seed pods from last fall.
Leylands on the north side, which have really done well.
Holly berries out front.
Looking south.
Essentials: corn broom, metal snow shovel, insulated duck boots, and fuzzy  warm inside boots.
Lastly, time for tea, chicken soup and a new book written by my friend, Elizabeth Wix. Fortunate Child.   What a great Saturday! 



I love the shape of the split leaf maple tree!

elizabeth said...

I looked at almost all the post but skipped then end until my friend Margaret (above) mentioned that my book was there!
Thank you, thank you.
Do hope you are enjoying it.