Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Late Summer Blooming Plants in the Jarvis Garden 2011

Late Summer or the beginning of September on Long Island is usually windy, cloudy and wet.  We are just getting over Hurricane Irene, and expecting a week of rain from other southern storms that make their way to the north east.  Here is an old concrete planter with lovely drooping seedum flowers.  The small green trailing plant beneath we call angle eyes.
 What would we do without the Knockout roses, ever loyal ever blooming.
 This is a favorite late summer bloomer, Physostegia Virginiana, False Dragonhead, or Obedient Plant.  It does well in poor soil, but can get out of control easily.  It is easy to pull out when the plants spread too far.
 This is a wild form of Clematis that I trained to grow on the Quince tree.
 A mystery perennial.
 The pods of the Butterflyweed, Asclepias tuberosa.
The Hydrangeas are turning bronze.
 Another Knowkout rose, this one peachy.
 The small fox tail grass after the hurricane.
 I grew these from seeds for the front porch.
 Golden Tiara hosta for the metal planters.  They will winter over and come back next Spring.
 The Weigela today.

Late blooming Rudbeckias under the shade of a Leyland.
 The new white Butterfly bush.
 Sedum, as it turns pink.  This is a must and very east to propagate.
 Because we have had an unusual amount of rain for august, the Painted Fern never looked better.
 These are pernnial Ageratum just about to open up.  They are faithful, easily transplanted, ( I use  a screwdriver, make a hole and stick the plant and roots in,) and always remind me that they open the first week of school here.
A late blooming Hosta row.  This is the usual slender common variety.
 A deeper purple Butterfly Bush.
 The Yellow Butterfly Bush, still going strong.  Even after the storm, this plant stood tall and had loads of "corn on the cob" flowers.
 The usual purple Butterfly Bush.
After the storm the white Phlox hit the ground, but still tried to look beautiful.  It is so white and lovely.  A soggy walk around the garden, but nice.


Elizabeth said...

A nice round up of the late bloomers.
Yes, the blue flowers always make me think
BACK TO SCHOOLHope the rain blows though for Friday

Lily Hydrangea said...

I love all of your August blooms! You have a beautiful garden!

Kalyan said...

simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

Bernie said...

That's a gorgeous collection of late Summer bloomers. The Clematis climbing up the Quince tree caught my eye today! Enjoy these last days of Summer. I'm glad to see you came through Irene quite well, and I hope the rains to come won't be too heavy or damaging.