Saturday, September 10, 2011

Huge Waves and Rip Currents at Robert Moses Beach from Hurricane Katia

 Today the waves were really up and the rip currents made it very dangerous to go into the water.  Surfers may have liked it but the red flags were posted
 which meant that swimming was not permitted.
 It is the end of the summer and Hurricane Katia way out in the Atlantic, roughed up the surf on the south shore beaches of Long Island.
 The life guard stands were turned over and the beach was empty.
 A few life guards watched over their territory.
 The Fire Island Lighthouse off in the distance.
 As we came up from the parking lot, we could see that this was a wild day with waves much higher than we had seen all summer.

The waves were breaking way out, much farther than usual. 
 The tropical storms had eaten away the beach and the dunes.

 People walking through the foamy tide.

 A last look before we ride home over the causeway bridges.


Elizabeth said...

Yes, a very splendid exciting day!

Willow said...

Lovely to see the 'other' coast!