Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Peaches at Gross' Orchard Bedford, Virginia

 A wonderful destination, for this time of year in Virginia is Gross' Orchard, (click for more info) in Bedford County.  Click photos to enlarge images.

 Their peaches and apples are grown right there on the farm.
 On display are other local products.

But look at these peaches!

 The apples.

 These are "White" peaches.
 Blackberries are turned into pies.

 You can buy young peach trees for your garden.

Can there be anything more beautiful than peaches ripening on a tree?

Once you visit this orchard, return trips are a certainty.
 Apples maturing on their tree.

 I  wondered what the farmers did with the windfalls, and they told me that a local church comes for them and distributes the fruit to less fortunate families.

 Down the road, we stopped at another farm stand because they made fresh ice cream from the peaches and other ripe fruit.

A blackberry pie, which we bought for the evening's dessert.
A peach pie, which I will try to replicate at home with the peaches that I took to Long Island.


diane b said...

What a fabulous place for fresh fare. I wish we had such places close by. The pies look delicious and those peaches......yum yum.

Anonymous said...

Makes me happy to see this. I am grateful for such a healthy place to live. Miss you Lori xoxo Susan