Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flowers in the Jarvis House Garden Second Week in July.2011

Well here it is the second week in July, 2011.  A lace cap Hydrangea blooms.

 The cultivated varieties of Day lilies are now blooming following the Roadside Day lilies.

 A very common version of a Butterfly Bush blooms.  Inside its shrubbery, two Catbirds have built a very tidy nest and are raising four little chicks.
 A delicate vine climbs the Quince tree and entwines a painted birdhouse.
 A new plant to the garden, the Asclepias Incarnata (Swamp Milkweed) blooms pink.

Daises surround the mailbox.

 Another new flowering perennial. 

The deepest Red Day Lily.
 The classic double Day Lily.

 A very old species Lemon Yellow Day Lily.

 The Clivias did very well this year again, with one of them producing two huge clusters of orange.
 The propagation pot with a bloom.
A very nice spray of Florettes from the Yellow Butterfly bush.


Bella Bheag said...

Hydrangea is one of my favourites flowers and how simple but beautiful are daisies? Lucky you to be surrounded by such pretty flowers!

Elizabeth said...

Loved the unusual yellow butterfly bush!

Bernie said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! You do have some wonderful Daylilies and I love your Hydrangeas. That's something I can't grow here, but would dearly love to. It must be so lovely wandering around your garden right now.


Fabulous! How I miss having a garden!

this is my patch said...

Thank you for your choice of perennial on my blog giveaway. I would gladly give a home to all you have in your garden. I haven't ever come across a yellow Butterfly Bush. Is it a form of Buddleia? x