Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yorkie Rescue 911 Event at PETCO New Hyde Park, NY

 On Sunday, May1st, 20011, Yorkie Rescue 911 organization held their fundraising event, Rescues Rock the Runway II, at the PETCO, New Hyde Park.
Rick Caran, Ruby,  and Jilli greet Miss New York State.
 Doggies match their owners' attire.
 Rick works with Spidey, the white Chihuahua, and the real trooper of the team.
Jilli and Spidey push a carriage.
Soooo  cute!
This little dog wore a Hawaiian outfit.
 Robyn and Jilli.
This was so adorable from the rear!
A woman dressed up like Lucy showed up with the tiniest Chihuahua.
I just loved this outfit.  A real girlie girl.
Rick and the dogs greet pet clothing designer, Tony Rubio, and Bandit.
Everyone looked so glamorous.  Beautiful people and pets everywhere.
Rick and his new book.
My job for the day was to watch the three dogies while Rick demonstrated how to train your pet.  What a great job and a cool day!


diane b said...

A "pet clothing designer" that's a job I have never heard before. What next?? Some of those doggies are cute but I'm not sure I like them being dressed up, I would rather they look like a dog not a pseudo human. Hoping not to offend you, I'm just sharing my opinion.

Elizabeth said...

Hope they found homes for a
some of the cuties.
You look cheerful!

design elements said...

I like your header!

Bella Bheag said...

Hello Lori - thanks for your comment. I heard an interview with Cath Kidson recently and she sounded really lovely. She has 54 shops worldwide now! Another reason why I'm not so keen these days.