Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring Update and Pots with Propagated Shrubs from the Jarvis Garden

A very purple German Bearded Iris stands tall against my large barn.
An Azalea.
This Azalea is named Betty Ann.
A really silly but really tall  Allium.
Corn Flower, named after the shape of its seeds.
Dog Tooth violets
A Sport mutant Azalea which is called Geisha.  It produces shocking pink blooms, striped blooms, and pure white blooms all on the same stem.
Now to the pots that I used over the winter to propagate some herbs and shrubs.  These are just Chrysanthemum sprouts.  I pushed stems into the potting soil and kept this pot wet all Summer.  In the fall I moved the propagation pots up against my house on a sunny side.
This pot has Montauk Daises, Hydrangeas and Sage sprouts, all from rootless stems.
Here is a Red Bud Tree seedling that I found in my lawn, along with Forsythia stems.
A Viburnum growing in part shade.

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elizabeth said...

Your garden is an unending source of delight!