Monday, May 23, 2011

Belmont Raceway, Elmont, Long Island, NY St. Mary's Hospital Auto Fest

Belmont Raceway horses flying.  This was the first time ever, that I saw a horse race at a track.
 Belmont is an  historic racetrack with many interesting gardens, and plenty of things to do in addition to watching the horses run.
 Sunday, I went with Team Jilli Dog and Rick Caran to a benefit walk-a-thon for St. Mary's children's Hospital.
 He always gets to take pictures with beauty queens.
The first glimpse of the dirt track and 3/4 mile marker.
 Supporters of St. Mary's Hospital including a few jockeys.
 Adorable Jilli Dog.
 Spidey the Chihuahua.
Ruby the newest Poker Playing Yorkie.
 Surprisingly beautiful seating around the track.
 The winner's circle where on June 11, 2011 the winner of the last race of the Triple Crown will be honored.  The first race, the Kentucky Derby, May 7th, at Churchill Hill Downs, the Luckiest Horse wins, the second race the Preakness was on May 21st. in  Baltimore where the Fittest horse wins, but it is said that the Best Horse wins the Belmont Stakes because it is the last race and the longest race, 1 1/2 miles.  A horse has to be the best to win after running in the other two.
Amazingly there is an actual man that plays the "Call to the Post," the  trumpet fanfare.
Inside there are huge posters of legendary horses and jockeys.

 We get to take a picture with the crew from "Rescue Ink,"  and we try to look tough.
Ruby shows no fear.  What a spunky Little Dog!
 Rick signs and "stamps" a paw print on his new book.
Ruby playing Poker for the crowd.
 As if there wasn't enough already, the Antique and vintage cars were amazing!

 The Batmobile
We all had a great day.  More car photos to come soon.


diane b said...

What an interesting day. Horse racing has a world of it own. I have never been either but my daughter has. The doggies and cars are a treat too.

Barb said...

I've never been to Belmont in Elmont! Thanks for the lovely photos. I've been to Saratoga, Finger Lakes and Monticello in NY; Pimlico, Bowie, Laurel and Rosecroft in Maryland; Monmouth in Jersey; Churchill Downs, Keeneland and Ellis Park in Kentucky. Just a product of my raisin'...and a 38 year hitch with an inveterate $2 better!! Glad you had a nice day!

Bella Bheag said...

Hello Lori

Nothing has changed with my blog address Perhaps problem arose after I removed the post that still appears on your "Enchanting Blogs" list. I take it blogger doesn't refresh your list with any changes that are made to posts.

Looks like you had a grand day out!