Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Flowering Trees and Shrubs in the Jarvis House Garden

 This is the beautiful Red Bud tree which really put out the blooms this Spring.
 The split leaf maple starting out.   I picked this tree when it was only two leaves large, from a lawn in Lloyd Harbor.  It is a mutant tree.
A grafted split leaf maple.
 A Japanese Quince.
The delicate and very white,  Bridal Wreath.
 A Spike which I wintered in the barn.
 Candy  Tuft in a cement planter won't get lost in this garden.

 Bleeding Heart a lovely and easily naturalized plant.
 The white Bleeding Heart which I received from my son many years ago for Mother's Day.  I have since split it many times.
 Red maples which I rescued from my sister's garden.
A new fern and Sweet Woodruff  growing below the Rhododendron.

This is a picture that my friend suggested I take from across the street at the Cinema Arts Center.  The Jarvis House is across the way. Peace.


Bernie said...

Fabulous spring colour, Lori. My favourites were the Red Bud tree and the Bridal Wreath... just gorgeous.


A lovely series! Thank you!

diane b said...

Your flowers are so different to ours. Yours are so delicate and pretty. Love the Red Bud tree and the bleeding hearts.

Elizabeth said...

Do I recognize any of these beloved plants?
Looking spring-like and lovely.

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

How beautiful! I passed by your house the other day whilst in Huntington... I thought of you :) ♥

Sue Allalemdjian said...

Thanks, Lori,
Very lovely, as usual.
Makes me miss Huntington.

Sue Allalemdjian said...

Thanks, Lori,
Beautiful, as always.
Makes me homesick for Huntington.

Jane said...

Spring is a beautiful reminder of God's promise of eternal life. Your garden is heavenly! Thanks for sharing it.

Love, Jane

The Tablescaper said...

Such bounty and glory surrounding your home.Perhaps you'd like to link this post to Seasonal Sundays for Mother's Day.

I appreciate your comment on my Royal Wedding Breakfast Part I and thought you might like to know that Part II is up now.

- The Tablescaper