Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Baby Shower Party at the Jarvis House

A very happy event to plan, cook for, and present with the help of family and friends.

Decorate with outfits of various sizes.
A take away of blue and white Jelly beans and chocolate eggs, in a lovely light blue paper container that was purchased at the dollar store. Don't ask me what ten pounds of jelly beans cost at the local candy cottage!
Pansies in the cement pots at the front door.
Save money by making your own bow for the front door.
Forsythia thankfully in bloom, makes wonderful large displays.

The wonderful plastic eggs from Michael's, the cement Chicken, and a fuzzy Bunny create a display near the fireplace.
 Three bean cold salad, marinating in the fridge overnight, recipes to follow in a future post.
Laura prepares the Egg, Cheese and French bread  Strata Casserole.
Mini bagels with cream cheese, two types of home made muffins, corn bread and carrot raisin, fruit salad.
Dessert, Emma makes my mother's Cream Puffs and Elenore makes Linzer Tarts.

Nautical quilt make by Donna Weber.
Mantle decorations done by Elizabeth with flowers from the Jarvis Garden.
I set up the pitchers and she filled them with wonderful loose English-style arrangements.

The theme for the party was "Farm," couldn't believe that I found this bull pitcher!
The first round of food included a cru-de-tet by Elaine.
Amaryllis bloomed on cue, (by chance)
More clothes lines with outfits on the staircase.
Raspberry punch perched on the wood burning stove (not at work now), covered with a tablecloth.
Items on the mantle for the first game, instructions to follow.
Blue and white toile home made tablecloths.
Excitement opening the many generous gifts.
Some photos by Elizabeth Wix.   This is one of Jarvis House garden Spring flowers, strewn on the slate outdoor table.


elizabeth said...

It was such a very happy day for all concerned.
Well documented!

Kat_RN said...

Looks like fun. Who is the lucky Mom?

acornmoon said...

I feel as if I came along with you, even met a few friends along the way!

We did not have baby showers when my children were little but we had one for my grandchild so the trend must be catching on here too. Lots of lovely ideas here too,

diane b said...

Wow! You sure know how to throw a party. Beautiful decorations and delicious food. Who is having a baby?

Bella Bheag said...

Great spread! A new baby is a great way to celebrate. I've never been to a baby shower and it's not something I have heard of in Scotland. But is all of this done before the baby arrives?!