Saturday, July 6, 2013

Buttery Toast Ramekins a great Foundation for Hors D'Oeuvers

 I offered to help my good friend Laura, several days before her wedding. She asked me if I would assist with the Bread Ramekins for the Hors D' Oeuvres.  Well I did not know what that meant, but I was open to learning one of her catering secrets.
 Laura bought twelve bags of whole wheat bread and used a heavy marble rolling pin to flatten the slices.
 She really pressed down hard and even rolled out the end slices.
 I grabbed a stainless metal drink holder and used the open end for a cookie cutter.  It was the perfect diameter for the bread circles, and could hold several circles of bread until we used a finger to poke them out.
 We were able to cut two circles from each flattened slice of bread.
 Laura put the circles back into an empty bread bag to keep them soft until we were ready for the next step.
 She coated each circle bottom with melted butter.
 Then she pushed the circles into the cups of a  non-stick mini-muffin  pan.
 The pan held twenty-four (24)  mini bread cups.
 We put the trays into the oven at
 305 degrees F.
For about eight (8) minutes.

 I checked on them and when they looked golden brown and a bit crispy, I removed the pans to cool.  Depending upon which rack the pans were on, and the type of pan, the time to bake can be different.
 Since the wedding was two days later we needed to store the Ramekins.
 I collected cookie tins, and after we rinsed them off and dried them, Laura lined the tins with parchment paper.
 We carefully stacked up the ramekins.
 Next I asked Laura what sort of fillings would go well in the bread cups.   She had already prepared a mushroom duxelle  with additions, and made an Hors D' Oeuvre.  She baked this for seven (7) minutes, or until done.  The duxelle was made with shallots, Cremini mushrooms, (baby Portobello),  and butter.  This mixture is reduced in a pot for two (2) hours and then flour is added with lemon juice and a little cayenne pepper .  Stir with vigor. Add some salt and heavy cream,  milk, soy product,  or half and half, to thicken.

 Along with bit of grated cheese the appetizer was complete.  Laura said that any non-runny filling such as grated cheese, thick tomato sauce, with chopped Basil, sort of a Pizza-like filling, could be designed for these bite-sized cups.  The idea for a party Hors D' Oeuvre, would be something that could be passed out from a platter with a small napkin and eaten  by the guest in one bite.  Finely chopped sea food, or a vegetable quiche-like filling, both, which would need baking,  would be great too. 
I calculated that with sixteen (16) slices of bread per loaf, and twelve (12) loaves, with two (2) circles per slice we made 384 Bread Ramekins for the party. 
The leftover bread was cycled into bread crumbs, and croûtons.


Erin @ I Heart New England said...

That looks so delicious! I miss reading your posts, and hope everything is well with you at the Jarvis House!

The Tablescaper said...

Such a neat idea. You got an amazing quantity. I guess to change things up a bit you could use different breads too. I hope you'll be posting the recipe for the mushroom filling!

- The Tablescaper

JC said...

Wow !!!
That's amazing.
I'm not a cook.

By the way, Thank You for the lovely gift. I was going to send you a note but your addy is at my home desk drawer.

Could you email it to me .. I'm at the beach place. Will be here for another week and then I have my heart procedure done.

Been busy, sort of, with life and sick cats.

Hope your 4th was fun. I haven't been blogging like I usually do.