Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day 2013 Dad Remembered

Carmelo Guglielmino, my father, 907th 101st. Air Borne Division.
 My father, Carl left many images of  himself and his company of brothers, from his years in WWII, Europe.  On the back of this picture he wrote," Mourmelon Camp March 15 1945."
In some of the images, one wonders what dangers were in store for all of them.  On the reverse of this photo he wrote, " Alsace Jan 20 1945."
 He wrote "Bastone Nuts Jan.1,1945 on the reverse of this photo.
 He wrote "Holland Oct. 1944

"Austria Liezen June 15 1945
I have his caps
In the day he was a daring paratrooper,
and he rode in the gliders.
From some of his early army photos, one would not imagine that this young fellow from Brooklyn, NY, would face the dangers and come away from all of the horrors of being a foot soldier (and sometimes winding up in a parachute or glider), without a scratch.  He did receive many medals from the U.S. and European countries, including the Bronze Star Award.  As time permits I will scan the many photos he left us and post them for anyone interested in a very personal history of WWII.  What a wonderful legacy he has given us with the notes he wrote on the backs of his photos.Remember the Vets this Memorial Day.


Nanette Berge Whelen said...

Love this post Lori.Your Dad was so handsome and brave.Great that he left you such a personal legacy of his time in WWII!

elizabeth said...

Gosh, Kevin really does have the look of your father.
Such fascinating historical photos.
Thanks for posting!