Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Nor'easter Called Nemo Snow Storm February 2013

 According to meteorologist and long term weather forecaster, Joe Bastardi, we are in a weather cycle similar to what we experienced in the 1950's.
 This week, February 2013, Long Island and most of the top half of the Northeast, was slammed with a storm named Nemo.
 Here on the north shore of Long Island, the western end of Suffolk county, snow totals were as high as 29 inches in Huntington.  The further east you got, it rained for the first part of the storm, then caught up later with snow.
 These are the back steps with the snow covering.  I started using a broom to whisk away the crystals of ice and fluffy snow.
 Later I went out to see how things looked.  The snow was up over the mailbox.
 The back yard look pristine.
 The shrubs were laden with ice and snow and the sun dial was covered with many inches of snow.
 Winds were fierce, and blew snow up against doors and buried the boxwoods.

 The only thing nice that I can say about Yews, is that they hold up under mountains of snow.
 Everything was coated with ice and heaving under the snow.  The  very old Quince tree split in half.
 Looking west.
 Drifts were up past the front steps, and almost to the windows.
North where the plows has piled road snow in front of the driveway
Looking south
 The big holly tree, shown here with its berries, fed the wild birds, especially the Robins.

 The Leylands were droopy,
 the Kwanzan Cherry trees in the park were covered.
 For some reason, Robins forgot to migrate south and were in the trees.  Fortunately, there were plenty of berries to eat on the trees and shrubs.
 It is a long walk to the street in deep snow.
 Garden furniture
 Rhododendrons covered with ice
 Starlings waiting for better weather and warmer temperatures.  Today started out at 15 degrees F.  Tomorrow it should get up into the middle 40's, then everything will begin to melt.  Long Island is know for its roller coaster weather.  "If you don't like the weather on Long Island when you go out the front door, go out the back door."


E Wix said...

Super documentation , Lori!
Was a big storm. We got some snow but not as much as you.
Are going to see kiddies tomorrow but will take a real taxi!
Bet Kevin got plenty of overtime!

Troy Spence said...

Hello! I just wanted to say, your snow is very beautiful up there! However, i bet its very tiresome digging your way out! Im sure it could a mess at times. I myself love the snow! We dont get much of that down in Houston! Anyway, i enjoy the pictures, and going to show my wife. Have a great day!

Willow said...

After looking at your house in the header photo, I scrolled down through the snow pictures. Then I could see just how much snow there is. I'm sorry your quince tree didn't survive the storm.

JC said...

WOW !!!
We don't get a lot of snow. The last few years though we've had the worst that I can remember.
We get the rain storms, followed by the snow storms, followed by ice storms.
I hope yours melt soon.

lisa hermanson said...

I like that saying about long island's weather, front and back door, makes sense!! Sorry to hear about the quince!!