Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winter Walk on the High Line NYC

What would there be to see at the High Line in January.  A lot!
Junipers with their berries.
An adjacent wall that had been used as a canvas.
An window on a building on the other side with a bit of humorous art.
 Signs of the tracks with grasses whirling around.
Another wall as a canvas.
 Seed pods and sculptures.
 Very large trees that were planted below,
 and ferns and mosses seemingly indifferent to the winter's cold.
 Small additions to beautify a building's window, with what looked like plastic grass, (pigeon repellent?)   A huge mural in dazzling color of a WWII photo,
Driftwood sticks humanizing a chain link fence.
 Giant areas of the Meat Packing District undergoing gentrification.
 A well kept lawn?
 Wonderful Mondrian like structures of Hudson River colors,
 more whimsical art both large,
 and very small
 a truly strange installation called "Broken Bridge," with a tarp keeping off the falling shards from parked cars beneath?
 Lovely plantings that can survive Winter.
A Mahonia.
 Lovely blooms,
 winter berries,
 a struggling rose bud,
 a purple ground cover.
 It was hard to decide where to look.  At the buildings,

 at the Bride and Groom.

at the seed pods leftover from Summer and Fall.

There were flowering plants hoping for continued mild weather.
At one end of the High Line,  which stretches from 14th to 34th streets on the west side of NYC between 10th and 11th Avenues, there were announcements of the new Whitney Museum  building, which is  moving to  one end of the line.  It will open in 2015.  Which only goes to show how an impossible dream, the re-purposing of a defunct rail track, can have a great effect on an old neighborhood in NYC.    A great destination and a fun day.


Willow said...

I agree. That would be a great place to take a walk in any season.

Rick Caran said...

I never heard of the 'High Line', Lori! That was really cool and interesting! I would like to go there someday! :)

Thanks for the tour... :)

Love ya! rick and the gang

elizabeth said...

a really interesting walk!