Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New York Thrives New Shop in Town

There's a new garden shop in town, New York Thrives. Lee Keil has put together an array of items that promotes "Self reliance, sustainability, and preparedness."

 You can find rain barrels,
 units that promote the growth of worms, the most important animals on earth,

 solar reflector ovens,
freeze dried sustenance, 
 bee hives,
and chicken coops.
 By far the most inventive thing that I saw were two products that we use every day, wrapping paper and mailing boxes.
Except that these paper items are impregnated with flower and tree seeds.  As they are recycled they self plant.  Wow what a fantastic idea!
Lee has organic plant starts,
and "founding fathers" garden books.
There is also a selection of heirloom seeds.  After working on gardens since my childhood, I have learned that some of the less cultivated plants are far more hardy, and it is also nice to perpetuate historic gardens with appropriate plantings.

New York Thrives is located at 102A Park Avenue, Huntington, NY  11743, 631-923-0018.  They also have a face book page.  newyorkthrives.com

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