Sunday, October 16, 2011

Having Fun at a Beading Class at Beads & Stitches

 This past weekend, I attended a silk thread knotting class at the Beads and Stitches of Hicksville shop.
 As a lover of knotted strands of beads, some of the silk threads on the necklaces in my collection have broken over time.
The only way to inexpensively repair the beads was to learn to knot them myself.   Maryann Olson is the shop owner of this delightful establishment.
 She guided me in the acquisition of the correct tools for beading. 
 A kit for a lariat was supplied with the lesson for a very modest price and we were off.
 As we worked on our projects, Maryann expertly created samples of much more ambitious beading projects, which were coming out in current journals.
 At the start an example of the project was displayed for us.
 A photocopy of the bead arrangement was our "map."

 The shop is filled with beads, and threads of every conceivable color, with jewelry findings of every description. 
 The possibilities for a beaded necklace, earrings, or a bracelet design were endless.
 She had style and direction books.
 Examples of projects.

All in all the work was fun, the company of other students was cheerful, the instruction was excellent, and I went home with a completed lariet for a young friend who wore it today.   I would encourage anyone who wishes to start a wonderful hobby to checkout Beads and Stitches of Hicksville.  For more info click there.


Bernie said...

This looks like a whole lot of fun and you can become your own bead strand repair woman. Some of the projects already completed look absolutely fabulous.

acornmoon said...

Careful, you may become addicted! I know I would.