Friday, March 18, 2011

Of Crocuses and Snowdrops

 Crocuses and Snowdrops pushing through Autumn's leftover leaves.
 Crocuses in purples,
in striped patterns,
 A very busy Bee.
 in whites.

 Click on the images to enlarge.

 Glowing in the March sunlight.
 A squirrel must have moved that one.

 This variety is smaller, a softer purple, and which multiplies well.

 A yellow.
 Bees, another reason to plant Crocus bulbs.
Vinca blue compliments the white Crocus.

 For the past thrity-five plus years Snowdrops have been stretched around the Jarvis House Garden.
 Eash Spring I have dug up the strays, and planted them in boarders.
 After a few years, thousands, maybe tens of thousands, have grown.
This week marks the real beginning of Spring on Long Island.


Elizabeth said...

Super photos!
Did you upgrade your camera?
I think spring is finally springing......


Really lovely and one or two days ahead of the calendar! When you have consistently planted the strays of anything, it does become very satisfying over the long term.

diane b said...

It must be lovely to see this carpet of colour spring from the ground. The border of snowdrops is stunning and the light shining through the crocus is very pretty.