Saturday, January 29, 2011

Piles and Piles of Snow

Two days ago Long Island got another blast from this winter's Jet Stream.
 It seemed like we got even more snow this time, around 20 plus inches!
 Since the temperatures outside haven't gotten much above freezing,
 the snow just piles up and up.
 Ornamental shrubs and trees are taking a beating from the wet heavy snow.
The tall grass clumps are flattened.
 Bows on the walnut tree bend under the coating of white.

 There just isn't any place to blow it to.
 Snow, formerly on the main roads is thrown by county plows onto the sidewalks and driveway aprons.

 It was very hard to get out the back door.
 The snow mounded up on a sundial.

 Foot prints before the plow comes.

 Ice drips off and forms on the Rhododendron bush.

 The plow cuts into the deep snow.

 Three Mourning Doves perch in the Swamp Maple.
 Cardinals sit in the Quince tree.

 I guess there are some things that can take your mind off the masses of white stuff, and the eventual flooding if it melts too fast.


Elizabeth said...

That's what it looks like!
I linked to you from World Examing today!!!


It makes for beautiful pictures and it is probably extremely fun to play in!

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Beautiful pictures! We sure are getting hit hard this winter!

Bernie said...

Wow, Lori, you sure are coping it! That's an awful lot of snow! I can only imagine what it will be like if that lot does melt very quickly ... you'll be swamped!

We're bunkering down for a cyclone that's predicted to hit this area this evening ... luckily it's only predicted to be a Category 2. That still means a whole lot more rain for Queensland though, which we definitely don't need. Then there's a massive low hanging around out in the Pacific that just keeps on building ... that doesn't look good! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Bella Bheag said...

Hello - just passing..... Incredible amount of snow - and we thought we had it bad in Scotland this year! Love the barn red house and great images of the red cardinal in the snow. Hope you dig yourself out soon!