Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dahlias at the Long Island Dahlia Society exhibit at the Bayard Cutting Arboretum

While visiting the Bayard Cutting Arboretum, in East Islip, Long Island, I stumbled upon a lovely display by the Long Island Dahlia Society.
The society is headquartered at this arboretum, and has meetings at this location.
Upon entering the exhibit, a collection of charming birdhouses decorated a trellis.
When I first started the Jarvis Garden, Dahlias were a staple.  I had large purple, white, and salmon colored flowers.  In the fall I dug them up and sorted them into peach baskets, filled the baskets with leaves and put them in the basement crawlspace.
But nothing I grew could compare with some of the special blossons that were on display here.
I did have many white flowers, but the edges of this bloom are tinged with purple!
 There were flowers of almost every color, diameter, height, and shape.
The plants were in raised beds, supported by very nice green bamboo-like fiberglass poles, and labeled. 
A very lovely and artful arrangement of raised beds with an obelisk. 
Some have more than one color.
All were stunning, healthy, and inspiring.
Near the displays of Dahlias, someone had constructed an arbor with a very large Trumpet Vine.  
I wondered if Hummingbirds flocked to the abundant flowers it produced. 
 The day was perfect, and the society even had a brass band playing under a large tree.
Maybe, next year I should re-think introducing Dahlias into the Jarvis Garden.  The do require a bit of work since they cannot survive the Long Island winters, but they are worth it.  For more information about the Dahlia Society, growing tips, and the schedule of their events click here.


Elizabeth said...

Most attractive dahlias!
I have sort of mixed feelings about them.
Seems like summer is at its height or even coming to an end.....

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Oh, wow... never knew about this place! Looks wonderful!

Bernie said...

Some lovely Dahlias in that collection ... I really liked the white one with the purple tips! I've only ever grown the miniature Dahlias ... and always been pleased with them. At the moment I only have them in pots as there's just nowhere else for them.

Sounds like you had a lovely day at the exhibit ... the birdhouses were rather cute.

Flowers said...

What lovely flowers and colors. Just delightful to come and take a break and just enjoy your garden.