Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jarvis House Gallery is now Open

The Jarvis House Gallery of Long Island Art & Collectibles is now open!
Right behind the Jarvis House, is an old barn that was moved almost thirty years ago, saved from wreckers, who were sub-dividing a property,  just a few streets from Park Avenue.
Finally after a lot of work, finishing the interior rooms, arranging the smalls and the garden accessories,
adjusting pictures that are hanging on the  Walker Display System, of Duluth, MN,
 trying to group items in an interesting way,
arranging the Delano Studios of Setauket, L.I., commemorative plates on a ledge that stretches from wall to wall,
tucking baskets of antique hardware under the ledges,
putting brass desk items on a blotter,
lining up the "old salts" and a Hopi Kachina
it is time to wander down the driveway, look at the heritage plantings of the Jarvis Garden,
see the Azaleas,
the boarders of Hostas,
see the colors,
rest on a bench in the shade,
see specimen plantings,
and unusual shrubs.
Jarvis House Gallery is open, fun and across the street from The Cinema Arts Centre, which shows Independent and Avant-Garde films.  Make a day of it.  E-mail for appointments or by chance in good weather.  Cheers.


Elizabeth said...

Looking good, Lori!

Sue Allalemdjian said...

It is absolutely gorgeous! I had no idea you were putting you collectables on display for all to see. It looks fabulous!

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Oh, wow!! I have to plan a date for my mother and I to come down there. Any Sunday afternoons open for you? :)

JC said...

I had no idea ... you've been very busy ... hope it goes well for you.

Pieces of Dreams said...

Congrats that the gallery is open! I love your imaginitive displays and of course, the gardens. Can't wait to come there someday...And, rest assured, Wayne and I will! All my best, Karen

Willow said...

Wow! This is fantastic!

matthew houskeeper said...

Looks beautiful!