Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad b.1914 d.1998

This is the earliest photo of Carmelo Guglielmino, my father.  He was born in New York City, New York  October 21, 1914.  Midwives  delivered babies then and this one did not get around to recording his birth until Nov.13, 1914, so he has two different birth dates.
These are his parents, Maria Grazia Locascio Guglielmino, and Agatino Guglielmino, 1872-1935, and 1877-1953 respectively.

In the city, photographers would come around the neighborhoods with ponies, 
or take photos in studios with backgrounds and props like this car,  which would entice parents (thankfully) to take photographs of their little ones.

This is an early photo of "Carmine" as his sisters and brothers called him,  to Americanize his name.

He was a speed skater and won races at the 1940, at the  World's Fair Rink in Queens, NY.

This is his Tri- State Middle Atlantic Skating Ass'n. Championship 1940,
880 yd.  medal.

A WWII historian from California sent this remarkable picture of my father from his collection.  In it my father is aiming a Browning 2HMB 50 caliber machine gun, and around him are the components of a bazooka, which was used against enemy tanks and large trucks.  He sat in fox holes for weeks, even in the snow.  This picture was unknown to my family, until just a few days ago, attesting to the power of the Internet and blogging.

The reverse side of this photo gives the date, name of the signal corps photographer, identifies the man as Carmelo Guglielmino, Brooklyn.NY and titles the picture "Guarding a Belgian Highway."  It was stamped with a "passed for publication" number.

What makes every picture of my father look so noble is the way he is always gazing upwards. My dad and mom on August 17, 1943.
The pigeon basket, racing pigeon, and Carl, as my mother called him.
In 1969 when I was practicing with my Yashica 2 1/4" camera.

Easter, April 5, 1959. He was a very honorable man, an athlete, a reader, a working blue collar man, a family man, unforgettable, and a hero.


willow said...

Lovely tribute to your father. I adore the pic of him on the skates!!

Lily Hydrangea said...

what a sweet remembrance of your Dad.
& That is truly amazing about the picture of your Dad guarding the roadway!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post, Lori!
Such a pity your Mom and Dad can't see it.
Maybe they can?
Loved it and have happy memories of them.

Paul Guglielmino said...

Red: Thank you for putting together this wonderful tribute to our dad. As children we really never knew much about his accomplishments...but now, thanks to your work, my children will have a better understanding of who their grandfather was. All our love, Paul.

sukipoet said...

a beautiful portrait of your Dad. Totally wonderful how you found that bazooka photo.

carol said...

great pics

this is my patch said...

I so enjoyed reading and looking through this post. I love photos from the past. I have a photo of my Dad in a very similar pedal car. I must dig it out sometime. The photo of your Dad skating is great. I am so glad the photo of him during the war is now back where it belongs. x