Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jones Beach Bandshell Concert

august 09 boardwalk bandshell jones beach

A no-brainer destination for any Friday evening during the summer is the Jones Beach Boardwalk Bandshell, field 4, to listen to garage bands. On August 14th, a perfect evening for a concert, Brothers of the Road, (click for my space link,) an Allman Brothers tribute cover band, played.Drive over the bridges to the barrier island known as Jones Beach, which is in Nassau County. The iconic Tower, patterned after Italian monuments that the visionary Robert Moses saw in Europe, under construction this year, is the first symbol of Jones Beach that you see after the bridges.Everyone walks through the tunnel, making the required noises inside, that everyone growing up in Nassau County made, thenyou come to the boardwalk. With the flag poles and special details, the boardwalk looks like the deck of a huge ocean liner. As kids we were treated to a cruise without the expense, and a vacation on one of the most beautiful and largest public beaches in the world.Millions of people came to this beach in the 50's & 60's, with their children, the boomer generation. Parents went to the Marine Theater and danced on the concrete after the main performance, as Guy Lombardo played in the Bandshell, on the boardwalk. Now with trendy concert lighting, and sound systems the Art Deco building is the home of the free summer concert series.People sit on the bleachers, but with the advent of the collapsable sling chair, they collect on the concrete dance floor to watch the bands. With the classic orange, back, green, & brick striped canvas awning, the snack bar remains eternal. As the sun went down on the boardwalk, people gathered to listen to the band.When things were quiet, we got to talk with one of the two drummers, Chris Pagano.My brother put his new recording device in order to get the best available portable sound. A DJ from a Long Island radio station made the intros and gave away tickets to upcoming concerts.
All the elements were there, concert dog,concert tee shirts,fancy cars,lights.Turned out to be a wonderful night filled with memories, and the sounds of a Long Island band.


Anonymous said...

Sounds lots of fun!

robert schmid said...

best blog you have done......I like the abstract photos

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