Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Beuties

This Spring flowering bulbs, shrubs, and trees are making a fantastic showing in the Jarvis House Garden. Here is a clump of beautiful daffodils that are colored in a special way. The yellow fades out at the center.Carolina Rhododendron.Dog Tooth Violets.Orange tulips and multi petaled narcissus bloom in the creek garden.A very early Azalea blooms way out back.Feathered daffodils bow with the rain today.The Japonica reigns in its glory on the south lot line.The Red Bud tree showing its first color.Virginia Bluebells, sprout up in a rock boarder.March Marigolds have invaded! They have somehow been transferred to my garden, probably by a garden center container of perennials. Some think that these flowers are lovely, but they do multiply at a frightening rate, and are virtually impossible to eliminate! I asked about these at the Planting Fields in Oyster Bay. They have them as well, and just work around them and hope that they will fade out with the summer months. Unfortunately, they always come back. The more you try to dig them out, the more they spread.

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Elizabeth said...

Exactly as I remember and just as lovely.
The dog tooth violets are spectacular.
Happy Earth DAY!