Thursday, June 9, 2011

Flowers in Bloom during the Second Week in June 2011 Jarvis House Garden

 The most sun shiniest flower that I can think of is the Evening Primrose, otherwise known as Oenothera.  This plant is reliable and spreads its color easily.
 A late blooming Azalea.
 A very interesting ground cover, the edges of its leaves turn fuchsia later on.
A late blooming pink azalea.
A lovely maroon Weigela.
 The Blue Berries for the garden birds almost ready.
 A late Rhododendron.
 Widow's Tears, Spirderwort, or know as Tradescantia
A Oak Leaf Hydrangea.
The usual white Hydrangea
An interesting wild flower.

A foamy White Astilbe.
The Blue Hydrangeas just starting out.
A little Daisy-ike weed, or is it a wild flower? Comments are welcome on
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Lovely, thank you! Now the weeding gets to be hard work, so long as it is 96 degrees!

Lona said...

Your azaleas are so lovely. I think the white one is just so pretty. I love white blooms in the garden. You have so many flowering shrubs in bloom now that your garden has to be beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

A garden I know so well!
Bountiful as ever!

Off to England tonight for a week
see you on my return


Bernie said...

Lori, what beautiful flowers you have in the garden right now. I absolutely adore that brilliant white Azalea and the pretty white Oak Leaf Hydrangea. Like Lona, I'm a big fan of white in the garden too.

this is my patch said...

I'd like to know what the flower with the yellow spike is? x