Friday, June 24, 2011

First Day of Summer on Robert Moses Beach, Long Island, NY

 The aluminum beach chairs have come out of the garage and our Moroccan baskets hold the beach things.  We are back on the beach!
 When the kids were little, we would bring them to the beach with only shovels and pails which kept them busy for hours at the water's edge.
 Swimming between the green flags, please.

 People think that Long Island is so crowded, but you can find oneness on the beach.  Click photos to enlarge and enjoy.  Can you smell the salt air?

 This gentleman built the elegant castle of sand with a few plastic forms, but the ramp reminded me of an Egyptian pyramid.
 As children we would "pop" this type of seaweed when it was dried and crispy.
No one out there except the "pencil" monument designed by Moses after Italian architecture he saw in Europe.  Looking West.

 Looking East.
 Children build sand castles.
This young man was trying to build a barrier for his creation, but you know what happens with the sea.  You cannot stop it.  A beautiful day at one of the most peaceful stretches of beach on the planet.  We try to get here at least once a week.



I love the look of near deserted beaches at this time
of year! Ours is Long Beach with its rocks and surfers
- yours a magnificent unbroken stretch as far as the
eye can see. A lovely series reflecting the ambience of the beautiful day it was with a light wind.

acornmoon said...

how lovely to have such a place on your doorstep.

Lona said...

Oh would I love to be there with the sand between my toes. It is such a beautiful beach.

greeniago said...

What beautiful pictures . . . they brought back some wonderful memories of Long Island and the ocean. When I was young we lived on Long Island and traveled by boat (before the bridges) to Fire Island most weekends, and I COULD smell the salt air as I viewed your pictures.

Thanks for the wonderful memories for my senses!

(Ryan & Karla's Virginia Aunt)

this is my patch said...

I'm not surprised you try to get here as often as you can. Your photos most definitely sell it to me! What a fabulous stretch of coast. x