Sunday, June 5, 2011

Art Opening Robert Schmid Paintings at the Sears-Peyton Gallery 05.02.11

On a beautiful evening, Thursday June 2, 2011, Robert Schmid's paintings opened at the Sears-Peyton Gallery in NYC.
 Poster in the elevator
The doorway into the exhibit.
 Robert meets Mike Speaker, telling Robert he has the soul of a sculptor.  We invited Mike to see Robert's work because they seemed to have something in common regarding the handling of subjects.
 A friend from Buster's dog park.
 The Grave Dancer Sculpture that I bought last year.  It was marked 1990 and signed and numbered.  I looked up Mike on the Internet and the rest is history. Click here for the story of the Grave Dancer.
 Inside the exhibition

 Robert's paintings on paper

The after party that Elizabeth provided.

This is a painting that Robert did many years ago.  I have seen it hanging in several of their residences, and loved it.
Mike and Robert say goodbye and exchange, business cards, of course.  It only goes to show that the Internet has really made the world a very small place, and connections very easy.



This is a great pictorial view that picks up the ambiance of Robert's interesting work. Perhaps you should do more of this! Whether on Long Island or here in the NYC. I do not think this medium is used in this way enough to show the work of artists, and themselves actually exhibiting - it provides a wider audience. He has a website for the better viewing of individual paintings.

elizabeth said...

Well documented and most interesting!
It was wonderful that you could share our exciting evening.
Go to World Examining Works to see a photo of you
taking the photos!!