Saturday, July 31, 2010

Late Summer Daisies

Summer gardens wouldn't be complete without this form of Rudbeckia hirta, or commonly known as Gloriosa Daisies.
I must have sprinkled seeds two years ago around the boarder on the driveway, because a multitude of plants flowered this year.
This interesting biennial shows up with a variety of color patterns, emanating from the classic "black eye."
The petals are a bright yellow, but the centers can range in color from just a hint of brown, to orange, and
to just small spots.  The nature of these plants is more floppy than the other Rudbeckia, 
 The blossoms on this variety are smaller, and show up  with only the classic yellow petals with black eyes. The plant itself is sturdy and stiff, shorter and not so floppy.  It is a true perennial.  It spreads readily and can be easily transplanted.
Then there is this plant which is very tall, (around seven feet,) another perennial, and has yellow daisy like blossoms with a green center.  It is not the Jerusalem Artichoke, but it has a similar look.  If some one knows the name please e-mail me with the information.
The flowers are about the same size as the Rudbeckias.
These are the Shasta Daisies near the mailbox. These are another true perennial.
I learned something interesting about this plant.  When you  trim it in the Fall, stick the green stems into the soil.  Some of them will take root, just as the clippings from the Montauk Daisies do.  The Montauk Daisies are not out yet, their bloom time will come more in the fall.
 Just had to end with this, a picture of a basket of tomatoes and basil that my neighbors, Matt & Wendy presented me with.  They are very artful designers by trade, as you can see.


Bernie said...

You do have a gorgeous collection of daisies. I particularly like the Gloriosa daisies ... great markings. Of course the Shastas are my favourites ... I'm a big fan of white daisies.
Sorry I can't help with the plant I.D. Whatever they are, they do look great. Enjoy those beautiful tomatoes and basil ... homemade tomato sauce??

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

So beautiful! My mom saw your blog, and has fallen in love with your gardens; we'd love to see it one day! ♥

Pieces of Dreams said...

Hi Lori!

Your daisies are to die for! And your pics are so wonderful. Thanks for all your sweet words regarding Marge and the get together we had for her. She is out seeing "The Producers" tonight. Do you know that when she saw the original, Mel Brooks got up and sang? Amazing!

Hope you are doing well, Karen

Elizabeth said...

Super high summer flowers!
I do miss them!

Sinclair said...

I love those Gloriosa daisies! Daisies are some of my favorite flowers. They are always so spunky and colorful and sprightly. As always, you have wonderful photos. Trying not to be jealous of your beautiful gardens...

acornmoon said...

I have tried many times to grow Rudbekia to no avail. These are splendid.

Dianne said...

The tall yellow "daisies" are rubeckia lacinata or cutleaf coneflowers. They get up to 10ft tall.

Dianne said...

Those tall yellow "daisies" are rubeckia lacinata or cutleaf coneflowers. They get 10ft tall!

Melanie the Medium said...

Thank you for these photos Lori! I just found your blog today. I am a medium, and I just finished sharing messages for a woman who had lost the love of her life. He came through during the reading very strongly, and one of the things he showed me were these flowers that looked like big daisies with brown centers. My client gasped when I mentioned them because she's been seeing them in her meditations when she's tried to communicate with her love. I searched online for photos of what I saw in my mind and found your blog. Thank you so much for these beautiful photos. I will send my client your website so she can see in person the flowers her love was sending to her. Thank you!