Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fourth of July on the Nantucket Lightship 2010 Boston Harbor

The Nantucket at the dock in Boston Harbor awaiting visitors for the holiday festivities.
Crew members and volunteers go aboard the evening before making ready for the next day when the tradition of moving the historic ship,
The U.S.S. Constitution, "Old Ironsides." will happen.
Many sailboats and water craft came to the harbor to give tourists a great view of the Constitution.
Captain Robert Mannino continues his dedication to the preservation, restoration, and the creation of a maritime museum and educational center on the Nantucket LV112 lightship.  Click here for information about how you can help.
Several of the signal flags that were restored during the winter months, were flying high, much to my delight.
The tireless, Captain Robertson P. Dinsmore, U.S Coast Guard (Ret.) gave tours of the interior.
Ron Janard, photographer, and all-around jack of all trades essential volunteer,  checked out the exterior situation.
Laura Phair and William Perks, Long Island volunteers, made the trip up.
 'couldn't resist this shot of a beautiful ship from inside the Nantucket.
One of the U.S. flags flying.
Capt. Dinsmore show me where the U.S. flags are kept, and 
where the signal flags are stored.  He ordered the missing letters and numbers.
The key which I got off the Internet, was thoughtfully placed under the glass on the Captain's desk.
Laura and Mrs. Christine Mannino salute ships going by.  Christine found a unique antique horn, which when blown, sounded like a fog horn.  Very impressive.
On the Fourth of July, a fire ship came first, clearing a path for the Constitution, spraying seawater in wonderful arcs.
Off in the distance the Constitution started to make its way in front of Boston's skyline, towed by two beautiful tugboats.
The tradition is for the Constitution to make a loop firing off its cannons at either end of the trip.
Passing the Custom House Tower.
Pleasure boats follow close by.
Visitors to the Nantucket watch from the deck, a great spot!
Boats start to head back to watch the Constitution fire cannons at the end of its trip.
The Constitution on its return trip, with others alongside. 
Going home.
Captain Mannino, Ron Janard, William Perks, hardworking guys!
The next time we all come, I'm sure there will be a lot of scrapping and painting to do, but this weekend was pure fun!  It doesn't get better than this.
(Thanks Christine, for doing all of the cooking.)


Elizabeth said...

This looks such great fun!
Excellent photos, too.
Ahoy! me hearties!!
or something else suitably nautical!

Anonymous said...

greatest photos

Keep up the good work

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

It's so wonderful to see the Lightship in Boston Harbor... amazing! What an incredible day that must have been-- wish I could have been there! ♥