Sunday, July 18, 2010

Huntington Harbor Lighthouse

 Huntington Harbor (Lloyd Harbor) Lighthouse was the location of the monthly meeting of the Huntington Historical Society's  Silas Wood Society.
We met at  The Town Of Huntington's Gold Star Beach to get aboard
a small boat that came up to the launching ramp
piloted by a Lighthouse volunteer, Frank Knoll.
Off in the distance, we could see the Huntington Harbor Lighthouse's distinctive shape.
Many groups and individuals have donated money and time
to restore and maintain the Huntington Lighthouse.
Steve Eckers, a loyal volunteer, starts our tour inside the stairwell.
Outside, solar collectors are positioned to supply the electrical power,
stored in batteries.
The next level was accessed by a steep metal ladder, which was why we were advised to wear flat shoes, when we registered for the trip.

The actual lamp at the top of the lighthouse has a carousel arrangement for its light bulbs.  Its lens is made not from glass, but a plastic which focuses the light.
Here Steve Eckers shows us one of the light bulbs.  As one bulb fails, the carousel rotates to the next back-up bulb.
He demonstrates hitting the bell.
The fog horn.
Stairs going down.
Back on the main floor, Sue Eckers gives us some of the history of the lighthouse and its light keepers.
Volunteers have done a fabulous job making the visitors center on this level informative,
and interesting,
displaying historic artifacts,
and architectural elements from the building's restoration.
Looking out the distinctive arched windows.
Toby Kissam, director of the Huntington Historical Society,  stands in front of the nautical chart of the harbor.
It was a perfect late afternoon, and sailboats were in the harbor
waiting for the gun to sound so that they could begin their race.
We said goodbye and thanks to the volunteers, as we made our way back to the shore,
Ospreys nesting in a Coastguard tower,  (which is still in use)
took flight to find food for their large offspring.
Where did she go?
We passed the Coindre Hall boathouse,
Coindre Hall, that's another post.  Thanks goes to Robert Hughes, Town of Huntington's historian, and Claudia Fortunato for arranging the trip and for maintaining the Silas Wood Society,  whose mission is, the preservation, protection, and enhancement, of cultural, natural,  and historical resources.  For information about visiting the Huntington Lighthouse, and supporting this historic local site,  click here.


Anonymous said...

Do I recognize this place !!!???
So beautifully photographed.
Loved the sailboats particularly.


A great series on the documentation and preservation of the lighthouse. Thank you!