Monday, May 10, 2010

The Nantucket is Finally at Sea! Towed by a Tugboat to Boston

Today the Nantucket was finally off on her voyage to Boston to become an education center and museum.  This has been the dream of Robert Mannino and a whole cast of other seamen, and volunteers.
We all got to the dock in Oyster Bay Harbor, Long Island a little before 8:00 a.m.  To my surprise the tugboat was alongside the Nantucket, which has been moored temporarily there for seven years.
We got together on Friday evening at the Oyster Bay Harbor Waterfront educational center for a goodbye party, hoping to see the historic lightship towed on Saturday to Boston.  Its trip had been postponed many time since February due to weather and other issues with the safe transportation of this large ship.
The weather has been very erratic on Long Island this winter, and even in the months of April and now May, which are usually pretty mild.   The tugboat was there hugged up against the lightship, tightly, and the dock creaked loudly, as we ran forward to get our last glimpses of the ship.
Robertson P. Dinsmore, William Perks, and Robert Mannino made the last inspections of the lightship before boarding the tugboat.
On board the Nantucket were crewmen from the tug company.
 The only wrinkle of the morning came when there was a lobster boat moored close to the Nantucket which had to be moved out of the way for safety.  A little after 8:00 a.m. the lobsterman came and pulled up the mooring
and piloted his boat around the Nantucket to say goodbye.
 Members of the Oyster Bay Waterfront Association circled around the Nantucket as ship was re-positioned in the harbor, sounding air horns to  salute her.
All in all it was a cold and windy morning, but a clear one.  Everyone as thrilled to see the lightship move so rapidly through the Long Island Harbor, powered by the tugboat.
The historic Nantucket Lightship makes its way backwards through the harbor, later to be righted when in more open waters.
Finally moving!
Robert Mannino
William Perks & Laura Phair
Bill Shephard volunteer for over 10 years.
Captain Robertson P. Dinsmore
Ken and his son Troy DeJesu expert restoration volunteers.
Captain Pete Brunk 1970-71 Nantucket
Crewman Michael Ninivaggi  1973-75 Nantucket
Ray and Ann Wulff
 Lori Guglielmino and Ron Janard photographers.
December 12, 2009
December 12, 2009
Next stop Boston Harbor, MA.
For more updates on the Nantucket click on their website: 
or  the USCD Lightship Sailors Association, web site,  where Rick Gryder is the director and webmaster.


Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Aw, man! I wish I could have been there! I've been so racked up with schoolwork (which is why I've even taken a break from blogging for now.)
I'm so glad to see it finally in use again, though; what a moment it must have been to watch it go! ♥

Rick Gryder said...

Fantastic photos Lori. Glad you were there

Rick Gryder, Director & Webmaster
USCG Lightship Sailors Assn.

matthew houskeeper said...

This is great. Nice job!!!! From what I understand, the winds held up her departure for a couple of days. Sad to see her go, but I know it is all for the best.

If it is alright with you, I am going to link to you on this story.

bowsprite said...

beautiful photos, thank you!
fair winds, Nantucket! see you in Boston! continue illuminating!