Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Day in May in the Jarvis House Garden

What a day in the Jarvis House Garden!  Everything put all of that  April rain  to good use.  This is a beautiful white with pink edge azalea, that the grower told me was named "Betty-Ann."
The azaleas are really stopping at nothing to impress.
All of these azaleas were purchased about 30 years ago from the wife of an East Northport grower and breeder.
The man had died before I ever knew about this home nursery.
I would go there every payday and look around the acre and a half for anything in a pot that had leaves.
The woman sat in her chair by the garage, while I ran around examining the azaleas that had been her husband's babies. 
Since I didn't know the growth nature of any of the plants, some are tree-like, others are spreading, while some are bush-like, over the years I have had to replant them according to size.  They have given me and everyone that sees them, endless pleasure.  It was worth taking a chance, and a wonderful surprise.


JC said...

I like azaleas too. All the colors and the difference in growth and heights. Put three in last weekend down my driveway.


A great show - so long in the making and still, no doubt, working at it!

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

I absolutely love azaleas- yours are gorgeous!

Flowers said...

Beautiful flowers are One of the best things to me is nature. That is why I believe that I enjoy flowers so much. Flowers, with all of their wonderful scents.