Friday, September 30, 2011

The Ribbon International Group goes to Ground Zero, New York City

The Ribbon International went down to Ground Zero this week after ordering tickets on -line:
 We all walked through airport style security checkpoints and then through an overpass.
 Fortunately we had reservations for 4:00 pm, the last slot of the day.

I peeked at the construction site through the chain link fence.
 The garden within.
 The first square pool with its waterfalls and stone boarder inscribed withthe names of the lost.
 Something I had wished that I had done, was to look on-line a head of time for the location of particular names.

 We gather in front of the first pool with the Ribbons.
 We joined the Ribbons and said the Interfaith Prayer together.
Many people leave touching tributes.
 notes, and tokens of faith.
The new Memorial Museum under construction opening 9-11 2012.
 Pool number two.
 This is one of the rescued original trees from the Trade Center.

The fog covers the building crane on top of the new tower.  Take the time to visit this Memorial site. It is a special place.


Elizabeth said...

An excellent post, Lori,
Informative and well documented.

Lona said...

What a wonderful tour Lori. The monument and new towers look magnificent. I like the mirror effect on the towers that reflect the monument and the people around it. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. It must be a humbling experience to be there.