Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Deep Purple Flowering Shrubs in September at the Jarvis Garden

Here is the Obedient Plant, in all of its glory, sometimes called False Dragonhood.
 It is easy to plant and propagate, easy to pull up and share with friends.
 A late blooming Hosta boarder with glorious stalks of purple bells.

 Ever faithful Phlox.
Perennial Ageratum.
 Callicarpa shrub that I pruned which resulted in massive clusters of  purple berries.  Winter birds feast on them.
 Crepe Myrtle, also a candidate for harsh pruning each year.
I had to add this photo, because the yellow flowers were such a contrast to everything else that was purple.
 These foxy grasses have a purple tint.
 The ubiquitous roadside Loosestrife.
 Hydrangeas turning their fall purple.

Japanese painted fern.
 A lovely Rose of Sharon.
 The darker Butterfly bush bloom.
  With so much rain on Long Island this August and September, the lawn out back is an emerald green.
 Veronica still sending out spikes of purple.

 After this bloomed, I realized that this too is a form of Perennial Ageratum.
The usual Butterfly bush, still flowering.


Elizabeth said...

Yes, it is rather beautifully purple --a good contrast to the oranges and golds to come!

Lona said...

Your purples in the garden are so pretty. I have never saw a Hosta that bloomed so late. What a pretty show it is putting on. The Obedient plant is also lovely. I have not tried it before but I think I should consider it since it is late blooming. Our grass is still green this year too. Usually at this time of the year it is brown and the clay soil is hard as a brick. LOL!