Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mill Dam Centerport, NY

 There is a dam in Cenetrport where birds flock and from which small boys like to fish.
 A truly magical place on a very cold winter's day.

 A mill stone.

 A huge metal sculpture  of a Great Blue Heron by Roberto Julio Bessin.

 The ice is still on the waterfront.

 Swan in the Mill Pond.
Gulls drop shellfish on to the roadway so that they can crack the shells and eat the Mussel within.
 Canada Geese are everywhere.

 Many Swan upside down looking for food.

 A beautiful structure on the water's edge.
 Phragmites after the winter snow and ice.

Boats up on the bluff.   A great short outing on a cold afternoon.


Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Beautiful... I love this location!

diane b said...

It looks a beautiful place for a walk even in winter. The heron sculpture is great.

acornmoon said...

There is something very calming and serene about these images, despite the fact that you say it is still very cold it looks like spring.

Pieces of Dreams said...

Hi There from Cape Cod!

Marge is with us at a rehab on the Cape and is doing well. I am just back to blogging since a few days ago! It has been one long journey. You can read the condensed version of what took place in my blog and pass it along to the ladies at the thrift shop. Our goal is to get her back there for a nice long visit this summer! Please give everyone out best.....Marge, Wayne and Karen