Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fleets Cove Beach with the Winter's Snow

Finally a sunny day!  I drove to a Town of Huntington beach near to the Jarvis House.
 Fleets Cove Beach

 I thought that the snow that seemed to be carried away from town, might wind up in the beach parking lots to melt, but all I saw was a huge pile of sand.

 An informal path to the water's edge was created by many footprints in the snow.

 People were walking along in the sun.

The ice and snow was receding from the Sound.
 Oh, oh! They saw me.  Mute Swan are very nosey critters.
 They were brought in from Europe by the owners of Gold Coast mansions and have proliferated ever since.
 I counted 15 today down at the beach, but they are everywhere on Long Island, in all of the ponds and harbors.  They have overpopulated the environment.
 They mate for life, and make only hissing and sort of gravely noises.

 This beach has an uneven shoreline and as the tide comes in pools are created.
 The beach grass and other debris wash up to the tide line.
 A bleached out clam shell.

 These two came out of the water to see what I was doing.

A Mussel shell.
 The four iconic stacks of LIPA.
 An Oyster shell.
  Lady Slipper shells.
 No one there,
 and quiet there.
 Phragmities.  It was good to get outside.


Elizabeth said...

Yes, thank God the sun came out at last!!
Wish I could have been there with you.
Remember what fun the children had at Town of Huntington beach swimming lessons!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, lori.
Beautiful, artistic photos, as usual.
Sue A

diane b said...

That looks uncanny. Snow on the beach with the sun shining. We never have snow on our beaches.