Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Robert Moses Beach After Labor Day Weekend 2010

Robert Moses  N.Y. State Park is the best beach in the world, according to me and my friends, Robert & Elizabeth Schmid.
It looks pretty empty now that it is after Labor Day weekend.
We  bring a beautiful box of red rapsberries and a mixed bag of nuts and dried fruit, trying to be good and continue on a healthy diet.  The snack bar was open.
Children are for the most part, back in school now.
Red warning, "no swimming" flags were still up because
of the rough surf due to last week's hurricanes.
 Green, "it's ok to swim"  flags were positioned very close
to the life guard's stand.  The yellow flags indicate
that on this beach, boogie boards are permitted.
We arrived fairly early, so some of the life guard stands were not up yet,
and the swimmers were restricted to a smaller stretch of the beach.
This New York State Beach is on the south shore of Long Island,
sort of in the middle of the island.  It is named after Robert Moses .
 Robert Moses worked as an urban planner.  To some
he was a bit demanding, but he saved
vast stretches of the north shore
and south shore beaches for public use.
The waves were up today, and only the really brave,
  strong swimmers tempted the force of the undertow.
It is truly a beautiful stretch of white sandy beach,
although some of it has been eroded
by the late summer storm.  It comes back.
Just sitting there, walking on the sand, people watching,
was wonderfully relaxing.
The Piping Plovers were out skirting the waves looking
for small creatures to eat.
 A fellow enjoying salt water fishing, was casting off the beach.
Another gentleman was seriously outfitted
for metal detecting underwater.
We walked along the beach and I had to take this picture
for all who thing that you cannot find places
on Long Island where you can be very alone.
Early on a weekday this beach is only 
sprinkled with people.  You can easily walk to a spot
and be very solitary.
The three of us take cameras along, Elizabeth and I blog,
and Robert uses his as inspirations for his artworks.
 The beach begins to fill in with people and other life guard
stands go up while the area between the green flags increases.
The large bag was something that I brought back from my stay
in Morocco with the Schimids.  The other is a new smaller
version that Elizabeth found in a N.Y. C. street vender's stand
this year.  I asked her to look for one for me.
  Check out her blog, the World Examining Works.
 I use mine as a beach bag, and I like the extra-long straps
for slinging my" beach stuff" over my shoulder.
  The smaller one looks perfect for every day use.
A little later, some older kids were using
their Boogie Boards in the perfect surf.
The beach was getting somewhat crowded, so we pulled up
stakes and started for the parking lot. 
The metal detecting man was doing a return scan.
"Wonder if he found anything?



Enjoying the beach through someone else's eyes was a pleasure this year! Thank you very much!

Elizabeth said...

A wonderful, wonderful day

beautifully captured!

JC said...

Gorgeous almost white beach !!!

How fun was that ...

I try to go to my Ocean at least once a year. It's over 3 hrs away so I don't get there like I should.

Pieces of Dreams said...

Hi Lori!

What a lovely beach. The waves look fabulous. Don't you just love it right after Labor Day?...Weather is beautiful and so are the beaches...You can do all the lovely things without tripping over people!

Wayne and I are headed to Long Island to take care of Marge. Perhaps we can have a get together and finally meet!

Sending you all the best, Karen

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Robert Moses is the only beach I will go to on Long Island- it truly is the best!

I went a couple of weeks ago, though, and there was a HUGE accident on the bridge, causing the road to close for a couple of hours; the traffic was at a dead-halt. We had to wait at the beach until it all was resolved! Crazy :p

Sue Allalemdjian said...

Thanks, Lori. It brings back wonderful memories. By the way, I am going to try to make the vegan chocholate cake today for my son's friend who is a true vegan. I might have to test it myself, but I know that if Lori says 'it's to die for", it is...